Aluminium Fluoride – a high purity, free flowing and dust free powder, is produced with modern technology by reacting dry Alumina Hydrate with Hydro-fluosilicic acid, generated from the fluorine recovery unit of the adjoining fertilizer complex. Fluorine gases, otherwise an effluent are scrubbed with water to produce Hydro-fluosilicic acid - thus converting "Waste Into Wealth".

This technology offers a minimum of 95% purity of Aluminium Fluoride. The product is well adapted to modern point feeding systems. Experienced professionals manage Manufacturing and QC operations. Production facilities are being optimized year after year to achieve higher productivity with better quality and economy in production costs.

This technology of Hydro-fluosilicic acid does not require any materials to be procured from abroad and thus is cost effective. Use of this technology helps in conserving critical natural raw material resources like Fluorspar and Sulphur used to produce Aluminium Fluoride with an alternate process technology.

During the production process of Aluminium Fluoride, two by-products - Silica and Calcium Fluoride are generated and these are also being used in chemical industry. Mother liquor from the process of Aluminium Fluoride is recycled to a fertilizer complex as a measure of water conservation.